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Enjoy this Diwali with Lamp brand fireworks!

Diwali Fireworks - Booking Form

Code Product Packing Rate No of Units Amount
Top SINGLE CRACKERS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
SL-02. 2 3/4" Lakshmi / Kuruvi PKT ₹21.00
SL-03. 3 1/2" Lakshmi /Parrot PKT ₹34.00
SL-04. 4''Lakshmi /Parrot PKT ₹38.00
SL-05. 4'' Lakshmi /Parrot Deluxe PKT ₹44.00
SL-06. 4'' Dragon Crackers PKT ₹60.00
SL-07. 4'' Two Sound Crackers PKT ₹50.00
SL-08. 4" Three colour sound crackers PKT ₹80.00
Top ELECTRIC CRACKERS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
E-03. Yali single crackers PKT ₹220.00
E-04. Deepak Loose crackers PKT ₹220.00
E-06. Chorsa crackers PKT ₹28.00
E-07. Goa crackers PKT ₹28.00
E-09. 28 Giant Crackers PKT ₹50.00
E-10. 56 Giant Crackers PKT ₹98.00
Top LOOSE CRACKERS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
L-02. Deepak Bijili Crackers BAG₹63.00
L-04. Red Bijili Crackers 50's BAG₹42.00
L-05. Red Bijili Crackers BAG₹76.00
L-07. Stripped Bijili Crackers Golden BAG₹85.00
Top DELUXE CRACKERS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
DX-02. 24 Hatari Deluxe Crackers PKT ₹90.00
DX-03. 28 Elephant Fighter Deluxe Crackers PKT ₹110.00
DX-04. 32 Royal Challenge/Ramayan Dlx PKT ₹126.00
DX-07. 32 Safari Deluxe Crackers PKT ₹190.00
DX-05. 50 Rambo Deluxe Crackers PKT ₹230.00
DX-08. 50 Air Fighter Deluxe Crackers PKT ₹280.00
Top GROUND CHAKKAR Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
GC-06. Ground Chakkar Ashoka BOX₹95.00
GC-08. Ground Chakkar Special BOX₹138.00
GC-10. Ground Chakkar Deluxe BOX₹210.00
GC-11. Ground Chakkar Deluxe Green BOX₹240.00
Top FLOWER POTS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
FP-01. Flower Pots Small BOX₹96.00
FP-02. Flower Pots Big BOX₹132.00
FP-03. Flower Pots Special BOX₹170.00
FP-04. Flower Pots Ashoka BOX₹240.00
FP-05. Flower Pots Deluxe BOX₹540.00
FP-10. Colour Pots(Red,Green,Silver) BOX₹335.00
Top TWINKLING STAR Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
TS-01. 1 1/2' Twinkling Star BOX₹48.00
TS-02. 1 1/2 Jil Jil BOX₹58.00
TS-03. 4' Twinkling Star BOX₹115.00
TS-04. 7''Magic Pencil BOX₹52.00
TS-05. 12''Darbar Candle BOX₹118.00
Top ATOM BOMB Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
B-01. Hydrogen Bomb BOX₹138.00
B-03. Indian Dynamite BOX₹220.00
Top LAR CRACKERS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
G-01. 100 Wala Crackers* Piece₹120.00
G-08. 5000 Wala Crackers* Piece₹4800.00
62. 10000 Wala Crackers Piece₹9500.00
Top LAR CRACKERS MEGA Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
G-03. 1000 Wala Crackers Mega* Piece₹960.00
Top ROCKETS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
R-4. Lunik Rocket BOX₹250.00
R-2. Colour Rocket BOX₹120.00
R-3. Apollo Rocket BOX₹210.00
Top WHISTLING ITEMS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
W-01. Whistling Rocket BOX₹390.00
W-02. Whistling Wheel BOX₹190.00
Top FANCY ITEMS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
F-01. Assorted Cartoons (10 Pcs) BOX₹48.00
F-02. Snake Cartoons (25 Pcs) BOX₹120.00
F-03. Poppins ROLL₹46.00
F-04. Sky Shot PKT₹68.00
F-06. Ruby Wheel BOX₹150.00
F-07. Prince Wheel BOX₹180.00
F-08. Silver Giant Wheel BOX₹176.00
F-09. Princess Wheel BOX₹115.00
F-14. Multi Colour Kotti 10 PCS BOX₹880.00
Top CRACKLING Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
0. SPINNER 100 boxes per case ₹160.00
0. BUTTERFLY BOX ₹120.00
0. Photo Flash Box₹100.00
0. Mini Fountain Box₹190.00
0. Arya Barel Fountain Box₹230.00
0. Arya Gang Fountain Box₹280.00
0. Peacock Box₹500.00
C-02. Star Pops Crackling BOX₹60.00
C-03. Magic Fountain Crackling BOX₹250.00
C-03. Magic Torch Crackling BOX₹550.00
Top NOVEL ITEMS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
F-10. Magic Siren (3Pcs) BOX₹570.00
F-12. Multi Color Koti (5 Pcs) BOX₹480.00
C-04. Magic Pops BOX₹550.00
Top SUPER SIX SERIES 2" COMET Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
SS-04. Cinderella BOX₹340.00
OS-05. Triple Treat 1 1/4" Comet BOX₹510.00
Top OSCAR SERIES 2" COMET Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
OS-01. Oscar Green (3 Pcs) BOX₹750.00
OS-02. Red Mazaa (3 Pcs) BOX₹750.00
OS-03. Crackling Delight (3 Pcs) BOX₹750.00
0S-04. Fancy Wings (3 Pcs) BOX₹750.00
Top MAYAJAAL SERIES 3" COMET Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
MS-01. Space War BOX₹500.00
MS-02. Star War BOX₹500.00
MS-03. Sun Fun Toofan BOX₹500.00
MS-04. Jhooltha Bageecha BOX₹500.00
MS-05. Bold and Beautiful BOX₹500.00
Top RAINBOW SERIES 3 1/2" COMET Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
RS-01. Sona - Meena BOX₹750.00
RS-02. Apple Cloud BOX₹750.00
Top INDERJALL SERIES 3 1/2" COMET Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
IS-01. Tony Mony BOX₹1200.00
IS-03. Sky Scandals BOX₹1200.00
IS-04. Milky Way BOX₹1200.00
IS-05. Hot BOX₹1200.00
Top PARADISE SERIES 4" COMET Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
PRS-01. Niagara Falls Red BOX₹1300.00
PRS-03. Fire Fox BOX₹1300.00
PRS-04. Thunder Bolt BOX₹1300.00
Top PENTAGON SERIES Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
PS-01. Twelve Rang Awaz BOX₹325.00
PS-03. Crackling Dozen Dazzle BOX₹490.00
PS-05. Silver Sky 25 Shots BOX₹650.00
PS-06. Centenary Celebrations BOX₹1220.00
PS-07. Thirty Thunder Lights BOX₹810.00
PS-08. Sizzling Sixty BOX₹1620.00
PS-09. Frenzy Fun BOX₹3120.00
PS-10. Rang De Basanthi BOX₹6000.00
PS-12. Multi Colour Cracklers 54 BOX₹3100.00
PS-13. 108 Colour Cracklers BOX₹5500.00
PS-14. Celebrtions 30 2"Comet BOX₹6600.00
PS-15. Paradise Night 30 3" Comet BOX₹8200.00
Top SPARKLERS Ramsons Fireworks Send Order Form
0. Roll Cap Roll₹140.00
SPL-01. 7 cm Electric Sparklers 10 BOX₹210.00
SPL-02. 7 cm Colour Sparklers 10 BOX₹260.00
SPL-03. 10 cm Electric Sparklers BOX₹40.00
SPL-04. 10 cm Colour Sparklers BOX₹52.00
SPL-05. 10 cm Green Sparklers BOX₹52.00
SPL-07. 12 cm Electric Sparklers BOX₹64.00
SPL-08. 12 cm Colour Sparklers BOX₹70.00
SPL-09. 15 cm Electric Sparklers BOX₹108.00
SPL-10. 15 cm Colour Sparklers BOX₹118.00
SPL-12. 30 cm Electric Sparklers BOX₹108.00
SPL-13. 30 cm Colour Sparklers BOX₹118.00
SPL-15. 50 cm Electric Sparklers Tube₹400.00
SPL-16. 50 cm Colour Sparklers Tube₹470.00
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Bank Details

Account Name : Ramsons Fireworks
Account Number : 10620778345
IFSC Code : SBIN0018316 (used for RTGS, IMPS and NEFT transactions)
Bank Address : Velayutham Road, Sivakasi.
State : Tamilnadu
Order Terms

  • Minimum Order Value
  • Rs.2,500
  • Maximum Order Value
  • Rs.1,50,000
  • Discount on Total Amount
  • 40%
  • TAX - GST
  • GST - 18%
  • Modification Terms
  • Due to the nature of Fireworks Industry, the products are subject to modification
  • If the items you ordered are not available at the time of billing/packing, some other product of the same or more value will be sent instead of the unavailable item
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  • No door delivery
  • Transportation charges extra
  • Transit Insuarance/Octori charges extra
  • Goods cannot be sent through Courier
  • Shipping of goods solely depends on the transporter
  • Delivery time
  • 7 Days
  • Other Terms
  • E. & O.E.
  • Agree you are 18 years & above
  • Subject to Sivakasi Jurisdiction

Explosives License No.:
Form 20 - E/HQ/TN/20/956/E32312
Form 21 - E/HQ/TN/21/934/E5030